Attilus Caviar widens exclusive gift set range

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Here at Attilus Caviar, leading producer of finest caviar, we like to take on board what customers want, and we've done this with our range of exclusive and unforgettable, unique gift ideas.

Original gifts already included the Caviar Duet Gift Set, a stunning, elegant bespoke box which proved extremely popular. Thanks to high demand, we've widened the choice of gifts available from our exquisite range.

Two new options now include the Caviar Deluxe Gift Set and the Connoisseurs’ Choice Gift Set. The exclusive Connoisseur’s Set allows the recipient to indulge in one of the world’s finest caviar and comes in a stunning case with two mother-of-pearl serving spoons, cold packs for travel and champagne.

The equally indulgent Caviar Deluxe Gift Set also comes in a beautiful presentation case and there are two tins of caviar as well as, again, champagne, mother-of-pearl spoons and cold packs for travel.

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