Ecologically-Friendly Production and Packaging - Attilus Caviar UK

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We're committed to sustainability every step of the way, from our sturgeon rearing practices to producing, packaging and distributing our caviar and sturgeon fillets.

Our nursery and adult production facilities are supported by a state of the art recirculation system, which maintains exceptional water quality while minimizing water use. 

The care we devote to preserving the environment, the purity of the water and the health and well-being of our fish are always our highest priority.

The small amount of natural waste that is produced by our farming and production processes are carefully gathered and, wherever possible, put to other productive uses.

Since the beginning of February 2018, as well as producing the highest quality caviar, we have also been producing clean energy via solar power, using our newly installed photovoltaic system.


A healthy amount of energy is required for the rearing, harvesting and processing that produces the highest, best quality caviar. Since we feel committed to the environment, it was obvious to us that we should to use solar energy for the fishery in order to increase the sustainability of our operation.