Attilus Launches its Solar Electric System

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The new solar panel installation at Atillus.

Our fish farm consistently pursues sustainability.

Since the beginning of February 2018, as well as producing the highest quality caviar, we have also been producing clean energy via solar power, using our newly installed photovoltaic system.


We really care about topics like sustainability and the environment and believe they should play important roles in our sturgeon breeding operation. In October 2017, within the framework of this development strategy, the "solar energy" project was launched. Commissioned on February 2 2018, 1,628 modules distributed over an area of 2,700 square metres, provide continuous clean electricity from solar power energy. The solar panels were placed east to west, the orientation calculated to deliver optimum utilisation of solar energy.

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Naturally, a healthy amount of energy is required for the rearing, harvesting and processing that produces the highest, best quality caviar. Since we feel committed to the environment, it was obvious to us that we should to use solar energy for the fishery in order to increase the sustainability of our operation. This was made even clearer as photovoltaic solar panel systems matured technically and became more efficient, so that they now absorb and convert the maximum possible power, from even low levels of solar radiation. This is particularly important in Germany, where the skies are often cloudy.

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We are sure that this is exactly the right step to take towards sustainability and environmental responsibility and we would also encourage others to take that step.